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The CCCI organization relies on donations, gifts and contributions from its members and non-member, individuals and cooperates.

Donate Money!


Bank Name : Standard Bank South Africa

Account Number : 001 663 232

Type of Account : Business Current Account

Branch Code : 007205

Swift Code : SBZAZAJJ

Donate Food!

The organization will be organizing fund raising campaigns and/or events as well. In addition, The CCCI where possible may resolve to hiring specialized service when necessary to achieve the organization objectives and schedules.

Our organization

“CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CARE INTERNATONAL” (Reg: 158539; NPO) is non-government and non-profit organisation that has for mission to give shelter to orphan children left without reliable guardian, to give a family life style kind of. CCCI also support the cost education, training and skill transfer for these children. The organization take care of adult disadvantaged as well, particularly children and young people especially in rehabilitation of drug adducted people, education, training, and skill transfer.

The objectives

To achieve its objectives the CCCI continuously seek for contribution from public and private institutions as well as from individuals. The following describes a mode project of the organization called “KID’S EMPIRE’’, which targets homeless orphan children and engage to make them fruitful valuable member of society.

  • A Kid’s empire ‘kit pack project includes:
  • Shelter for the orphan child (with her/his mother where is possible).
  • Education
  • Kids and mother health care Centre
  • Skill training
  • Food
  • Business development that will includes the following: company registration, tax clearance,
  • company profile etc.
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Kid entertainment Centre
  • Christian church Center for worship and prayer.

Where We Work

“KID’S EMPIRE PROJECT” was invented and thus, solely owned by the organisation (CCCI). The organization’s head Quarter is situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province of South Africa.

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