Business Tips

How To Start A Business Online

  • Decide on a Product/Service
    Research it; How are others selling it? Can you do better?
  • Domain Name
    Is the .com domain name available? Is it trademarked? Trademark it.
  • Web Hosting
    Do not choose the cheapest! Ask for recommendations from your peers and friends.
  • Optimize Your Website
    Optimize it for the search engines, make sure it’s responsive for mobile & works in all browsers and screen sizes.
  • Build Your Website
    Hire a pro. Build it to facilitate the marketing & lead capture methods you created in the previous step.
  • Create Your Marketing Plan
    Yes, before you build your website. How will you get traffic? How will you get leads?
  • Install A Blog
    WordPress is best. Content marketing is essential to your success online.
  • Set Up Social Media Profiles & Pages
    Choose the social media sites that your target audience uses.
  • Start Marketing
    Publish great Content. Share it. Engage your potential customers!